Our years of experiences and having the advantage of flexibility and mobility, we are able to deliver our unique services basically at any given place, globally…

Camp Builders

  • Consultation & Development for Camp grounds and facilities
  • Training & Certification for Camp Facilitators

Challenge Courses

  • Consultation & Development for Challenge Based Learning Challenge Courses Installation
  • Consultation & Development for ‘via ferrata’
  • Training & Certification for Challenge Course Facilitators

eNeReS Life experience

  • Youth Cultural & Life experience
  • Volunteerism

Exotic & Expeditionary Programmes

  • Cultural Home Stay Programmes
  • eXotic Borneo Adventure
  • ‘Top of the World’
  • A Physical Route to a Mental Change
  • Wilderness Adventures

Team Building Programmes

  • Corporate Rhythms
  • Building a Positive Work Culture
  • Energizing the Aspiring
  • Going beyond the Norm
  • Innovative Management Development
  • Leadership Development Programme
  • Team Bonding & Development through Experiential Learning

Other Programmes

  • Back 2 Basics
  • Carnivals; Tele-matches + Family Day
  • Outdoor Adventure Experiences
  • Professional Selling
  • Summer Camp for Youths

We are constantly prepared to design a programme just for you. Should there be a need, we are happy to assist you to ensure the success of your programme.

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