eneres, an inspiration of a group of executives are in the business of guidance, development, implementation and people management. Better known as the ‘Urban Adventurers’, we recognized our clients need to receive the very best for their dollar and we have a firm commitment to efficiency, reliability, and development of creative strategies for each client. Establish since 1988 and a strong background in experiential education, we became a leader in training, delivery and people management. By appointing us, you get the following benefits:

Personal Attention

You speak directly to us as a partner, and not as an outsider.


We can act quickly to situations, unlike the large companies that have mounds of ‘red-tape’ to wade through before any response to your request can be made.

Low Overheads

We are not situated in a flashy, high-rise, central city office so we are not going to charge you over-the-top rates to sit in our air-conditioned offices.

Plain Speaking

We don’t try to baffle you with terminology.


We believe that with work, there should be fun as well.

With the most appropriate tools and principles, coupled with the most engaging programme and physical environment, our programmes will affect maximum learning and development in our participants.

Our Family

With site offices in nearly eighteen (18) cities across eleven (11) countries and with over one hundred (100+) full time qualified facilitators, we are proud to introduce our branding to you.

Having team eneres as our group, we have five (5) other outstanding brands under us. They are:

CAMPz Asia

An international facilitated long awaited venue is set to reach the shores of Asia. CAMPz environment ensures participants to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment.

eneres Life experiences

eLe youths are basically volunteers, doing voluntary work in rural areas, teaching languages and learning about cultures of the community whilst on their break. Student takes time off and do something other than schooling, such as community services, work as summer camps or being teachers for the less fortunate.

Team & Challenge Course Builders

Creative new age well designed Challenge Course, constructed accordingly to international standards. Incorporated perfectly with our unique Team Building methods. focuses mainly on personal and professional development. From corporate individuals to fellow students, are committed to bring the best out of people, to have them achieve their targets and to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.


Our newly established store chain. It is filled with specially designed and chosen tough practical apparels suitable for any challenges.

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